I also assisted in engineering and production on the now defunct band The High Christ. Again here is a short video of teh guys tracking.

The High Christ

Ted X Talk Sound recording

I was asked to go to the University Of Nottingham and setup and control the PA and overall sound for a TED X talk. Images are below 

Guitar Tech and Repair work

One of the main areas of my expertise is repairing and setting up electric guitars and basses.

I have set up several for a few people and was lucky enough to assist the band Ashfields as guitar technician for their sold out EP show at The Bodega Earlier this year. 

I record all my work for this and my production and engineering work over on my Instagram feed shown below and currently at www.instagram.com/eightythree_ae

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If you would like to get in touch to book me or for any mixing work please fill in the form below.

My work

I am a 2nd year Student studying Music Technology 

I've had the opportunity this year to work in a selection of different areas of the industry in several areas.

Work with Nusic

Sarah Marie Hughes

Sarah Marie Hughes is a singer songwriter from Lincoln who came in and recorded two tracks with me towards a future EP. I also recorded a video, then mixed the track then synced it up to the video. The video is viewable below.

Nusic is a not for profilt music organisation that exists purely to help Nottinghamshire musicians.
I Have been involved in several different things for them. The most frequent has been the Future Sessions, which is a YouTube series that puts a spotlight on new Nottinghamshire artists. My role in this has been recording and mixing the sessions before they are published on Youtube. 

I have also been involved in two of their Academy workshops and was involved in the backstage organisation and production in the Future sound of Nottingham gig at Rock city main stage.

For more information and for examples of the work please see below 2 playlists from This year and last year





My Showreel

During the past year I have also assisted with other recording sessions

Sharks Over China

For the band Sharks Over China (https://www.facebook.com/sharksoverchina/) I assisted in recording and mic placemant for the guitar and bass recording and also provided guitars amps and effects and assisted in getting good tones.
Below is a video of some of the session.

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